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The ongoing support for us is amazing. To all the vets, nurses, CAM therapists, holistic retailers, farmers, animal owners/guardians, and people who support us – we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for your continued support and commitment.

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Our Corporate Supporters Group is growing fast, and these companies are consistently helping to raise awareness of CAM4animals amongst their customers and colleagues. Please do click the link below and email us if you would like to support our activities.

We encourage our general supporters and followers to offer their support to these companies, many of whom provide holistic products and services for animals. You can find their details and visit their websites & online stores via the links at the bottom of the page.

success stories

Have you got a success story for us?

Have you got a happy horse who was saved by an Osteopath? A dog who can run again after Acupuncture? A rabbit who recovered quickly using Photizo? A cat who is no longer incontinent due to homeopathy? ...

We would love to hear about it. Vets and animal owners/guardians of the future need to understand what can be achieved.

With your support, we can show them - it is important!

Distribute our flyers

Our flyer outlines what CAM is and how it can be used for your animal. Order yours by using the button below and

  • Hand them out to friends and colleagues at events, e.g. dog / game / country / equestrian shows;
  • Distribute them at competitions, e.g. agility / flyball / showjumping;
  • Pin them to notice boards in animal businesses, e.g. pet shops, rehabilitation clinics, training centres;
  • Post them out with your company products.

​Simply email us with the quantity you require, and your delivery address. A small donation to cover printing and postage is very much appreciated, if you are able, via CAM4 animals PayPal (links above) or by transfer to our Bank Account (please request details).


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The best way to stay informed in holistic animal healthcare is to subscribe to our regular newsletter.  Catch up on CAM success stories, latest news from the vet CAM world and insights from practitioners, pet owners and farmers. We won’t bombard you and each newsletter will last the length of a tea break!

Buy our Poetry Book

The poems in this anthology celebrate the human-animal bond and also complementary therapies and the place they have in the treatment of animals. The poems have been collected from veterinary surgeons, doctors and also supporters of complementary medicine and poets.   All profits go to CAM4Animals.

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We are delighted that a number of our corporate supporters have made special offers to you.

For each sale of a product or service, CAM4animals may also receive a donation. Another easy way to support us.

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Other ways you can help

Share your experiences

We are launching a newsletter and transforming our website to become the “go to” place for information on veterinary Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  We have started a library of case studies but we always need more! Examples from owners, farmers, vets or practitioners are all of interest to our followers on social media, website visitors and newsletter recipients.  If needed, we can help you to write it before publishing on our website.  Owners love to see CAM in action.

Your stories will help to show people the versatility and usefulness of a wide range of complementary and alternative modalities.  Evidence of CAM in action can be found in our blog – we look forward to receiving your contributions.

Join the CAM4Animals team

Are you comfortable on social media? Do you have images of animals and holistic health treatments that we could use on Instagram or Pinterest or maybe you enjoy creative writing or making slides? Are you a spreadsheet Ninja or do you like organising small events?  If you have some spare time where you would enjoy working with a lively team of on-line volunteers we’d love to hear from you!

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