The Homeopathy at Wellie Level (HAWL) Course has been developed specifically for those who farm livestock and is taught by homeopathic vets and qualified homeopaths – all with farm experience.  This is the ONLY COURSE in the UK to provide qualified teaching aimed at empowering farmers and smallholders to use homeopathy for their animals with both confidence and understanding. They have been operational since 2001 and over the years have gathered literally hundreds of positive feedback comments and course testimonials. Visit HAWL here

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Duchy of Cornwall Organic tenant farmer, Naomi Oakley, wrote about the HAWL course saying, “The combination of the course and the online support group afterwards has been increasingly useful as my confidence progresses. I have taken the 5 months veterinary medicine records from April to September 2017 and 2018 (to compare similar years) and for the same time in 2019 so this includes the time I was on my HAWL course. For the same time period I have a 64% reduction in antibiotic use, which I am thrilled with.

My main use of antibiotics was after a difficult lambing (26 in 2017, 34 in 2018) when intervention was needed, this was replaced except for two young ewes, with Caulophyllum 30c. We also get foot rot in the sheep in wet years so we used to trim and use antibiotic injections, this has been totally replaced by the use of trimming and Hepar sulp 30c.

My husband is still a non-believer in homoeopathy but I often find him using arnica, and my favourite instance was when he suggested I could use ‘that carbo veg’ on a half dead lamb and him telling other farmers that it is a miracle cure. I think that the rising cost of medicines will encourage many more farmers to embrace homoeopathy.”

Read more from Naomi here

Case studies from farmers


Sheep with Pink Eye

Sheep Farmer Lynnie Hutchison shares her success with Pink Eye which affected her flock during lambing, a really stressful time for the ewes and their lambs. Read Lynnie’s full article about her success with Pink Eye on the HAWL website


Punctured goat udder

A goat farmer reported a pleasing outcome using Ledum Palulstre on one of her goats who incurred a very nasty puncture wound on the udder. Read the full punctured goat udder article on the HAWL website

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Homeopathy Dairy Farm

Homeopathy Dairy Farm, run by HAWL Farmer Pat Aherne in Cork, Ireland runs a very successful Facebook page, showcasing his herd of dairy cows who enjoy Pat’s knowledge not just of homeopathy, but of a holistic approach to livestock management. 


Watch Pat’s Facebook “BIG INTERVIEW” here

Here Pat is speaking with New Zealand homeopathic and award-winning farmer Tracey Simpson.  She works in partnership with her Husband Murry with their 900 cows over three farms. They discuss the benefits of homeopathy and how it can have such an impact on the day to day running of the farm. Perhaps the most eye-opening part is where Tracey explains how useful homeopathy is to the big calf rearers and dealers who handle 6-7,000 calves at any one time and report great success with using Rotavirus nosode instead of vaccinating. (go to 54:44)  She explains how it can reduce their losses and of course improve the welfare of their calves especially at stressful times such as weaning (go to 59.25).

As if that wasn’t enough to talk about, they also covered a little bit about the environment and regenerative farming.

The second of Homeopathy dairy Farm’s BIG INTERVIEWs is on herd fertility with veterinarian Chris Auckland. Many remedies are covered and they discuss how they can benefit your day to day running of the farm. Pat says, “If you wanted to just try out a few remedies to see would it have an impact on your breeding season try Sepia and Pulsatilla. I would also recommend homeopathy minerals which can help with the absorption of minerals you are giving to your animals during this critical time of the lactation.”

View Pat’s second Facebook BIG INTERVIEW here  

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