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CAM4animals Special Offers

We are delighted that a number of our corporate supporters have made special offers to you. For each sale of a product or service, CAM4animals may also receive a donation. Another easy way to support us.
Here is a list of our current offers – click on the images to view the offer. Note that some may only be available for a limited time.


Special offer Cat and Dog health

Consultations – Pet Nutritionist

Special offer Nutrition

Photizo Vetcare

Special offer Photizo

Tick Necklace

Hedgerow Hounds tick Necklaces


Canine Nervous Sys. & Rehab.

Special offer Canine Rehab


Galen Myotherapy

Galen Myotherapy


Canine Health Concern

Canine Health Concern

The Complete Book of Cat and Dog Health

The complete book of cat and dog health

“It really is a fantastic book – well worth getting whether just starting out or a seasoned user of integrated veterinary care.” Isobel Hunt, co-founder of CAM4animals.


Veterinary surgeon and CAM4animals supporter, Lise Hansen, offers a complete and comprehensive guide to 21st-century health care for cats and dogs. ̣

The book contains current advice on four essential areas of health care: diet, vaccination, parasite control and neutering. It answers questions such as: ̣How often does my pet vaccine boosters? ̣What is the best diet for my cat/dog? ̣Can allergies be cured in animals? ̣

You will find it full of practical advice on how you can best support your animal – in sickness and in health ̣ The one book that no dog or cat lover should be without.

To Order:

Email Emma quoting “CAM4SO”, or phone her on 01305 260068, to qualify for the special offer and to place your order. This code earns you a 20% discount on this book (currently £19.99) PLUS a £10 gift voucher to use in the purchase of any other title from Veloce Publishing.

Each purchase of Lise’s books also ensures a donation to CAM4animals – so thank you for supporting us!

This practical and down to earth book written by holistic vet, Lise Hansen is exactly what it says on the cover! Lise covers a whole range of true integrated veterinary care and considers issues like diet, parasites, neutering and old age. The book is split into three sections: • A healthy life – every stage from puppy to end of life • From herbs to homeopathy – what does it mean to be holistic? • Dealing with disease – treat the patient not the disease

“A valuable addition to any dog & cat owner’s library!” Vet Nurse Morag Sutherland. 

Photizo Vetcare Light Therapy Device

Photizo light therapy reduces inflammation and pain as well as accelerating wound healing.

Photizo UK – LED Light Therapy Devices have very generously given CAM4animals supporters a special offer of £25 off their Vetcare handset if you use CAM4animals25 as the discount code.

Find out more about Photizo in our blog ‘Photizo Red Light Therapy’.

We have a few blogs about Photizo.

Two are mentioned below:


Photizo Vetcare DogDog expert Anna Webb shows how Photizo Vetcare has been invaluable for treating arthritis & much more with her dogs.

Photizo Vetcare LaminitisCaroline Hearn MICHT, Dip. ICAT, ISCP.Dip.Canine.Raw.Nutrition –  Healing laminitis with Photizo Vetcare

Canine Health Concern

Canine Health Concern is an independent non-profit animal welfare organisation that does not receive any form of grants etc. Neither does it take any paid sponsorship or advertising, in order to remain truly independent.

In addition to making safe, natural, and effective products available, the sale of products acts purely in a fundraising capacity.

(CAM4animals will receive a small donation when someone registers with CHC using our link. We are happy to raise awareness about their good work here. The use of any information or services from them is at your own risk.)

Canine Health Concern

Products For You and/or Your Dog

The CHC  product range includes dog-specific items plus vitamins and other supplements for humans that are also suitable for dogs. A list of products showing which ones are for dogs only, plus full webpage addresses for all links below are at the bottom of this section.

Your First Order

Click on this link to register your name and email address (so CHC knows you are eligible for the discounts when you order). Then go ahead and place your order using the subscriber discount prices on the store or CBD page (click on the product price boxes to see the discounted prices on the store).

Future Orders

Discounted prices for future orders are available when you subscribe to CHC (You don’t have to be a dog/pet owner to be a member, so if you don’t wish to receive newsletters etc just tell CHC and you’ll still be eligible for the discounts)

All products are available at full price to anyone without subscribing

Canine Health Concern

Dog (&/or other animals) Specific Products

(The rest are all human products, that are also suitable for dogs)

All Ambernaturalz products: Internal Gold Detox, Kidney Rejuvenator, Life Cell Support, Otaxium Ear Drops, Paxaid, Petizol, ProTummy, Tumoxil, TYD, VibactraPlus. Plus: Cod Fingers, Hold It, Pet Plus, SerraPet, Thornit, Verm-X

Correct @ September 2022. Please get in touch with CHC if you have any questions about product use.

CHC say they are aware that many people are finding life difficult in the current financial climate and along with our normal policy of avoiding price increases wherever possible, it is their intention to do so in the future unless absolutely necessary.


All offers with subscriber discounts are available on your first order without needing to subscribe (order as much as you want on your first order to get the discounts with no obligation attached!)

Other ways to support  CHC

When you buy anything from the CHC store it raises funds to support the CHC organisation. Be part of this membership-based organisation Join CHC. Give a year’s subscription as a gift for a friend.  Support CHC by registering with EasyFundraising .

The Canine Nervous System and its Role in Rehabilitation (online course)

Are you struggling to find enough ways to help your own, or your clients’, dogs challenging rehabilitation issues?

Understanding the sensory world of the dog in front of you opens up so many opportunities for effective rehabilitation.

If we utilise the sensory inputs systems of the body and supply them with the right ingredients we can change our dogs from the inside out.

Learning the somatic approach to rehabilitation will free you from relying on ever more complicated training plans which leave you and your clients feeling exhausted and defeated.

Getting the basics right for each dog requires an individual approach and a holistic one. If we fail to supply the body with the things it needs we cannot then rely on the brain to learn the things we want.

Julie has written a blog for us on the topic of Canine Nervous System Rehabilitation.

The online course

It consists of over 4 hours of content on the Canine Nervous System and how we can utilise ALL of it in our rehabilitation work with dogs.

This programme looks at how we can use the body to change the mind rather than the other way around. You will gain an understanding of how the canine nervous system receives information and the whole body changes which occur as a result of the constant sensory input.

You will also learn how to use the sensory systems of the body to assist you in rehabilitation work, be that physical or behavioural rehabilitation.

This programme takes you on a sensory tour from the tip of the dog’s nose to their gut microbiome and discusses subjects such as sensory processing disorders and somatic experiencing to expand your thinking beyond the usual brain focused approaches to rehabilitation and more towards the somatic approach.

Julie Moss has kindly offered our supporters a 15% discount if you use the code CAM15OFF at the checkout.

The canine nervous system and its role in rehabilitation
Canine mind body balance logo

Julie Moss BSc.Hons, AdvCertVPhys. Dip.A Phys. PI.
Visit Julie’s website

Galen Myotherapy

Galen Joint Issues

“I was completely bowled over by the amount of incredible information that the course gave me.  I really thought I knew about dogs but this informed me so many useful and totally fascinating facts about anatomy and how the environment can have impacts on their body.  I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who has a dog!”


West Sussex

Read our CAM4Animals Galen Myotherapy blogs for examples of where it has improved the lives of dogs in various situations – from pets and rescue dogs to a working fire dog. 

Galen Myotherapy is a unique and highly specialised massage and exercise management therapy for dogs. It uses appropriate, effective and targeted techniques along with exercise planning to manage chronic muscular pain, reduce inflammation and maximise muscle function.


Galen Myotherapy has very kindly offered CAM4animals’ supporters an exclusive

10% discount off ALL THEIR SHORT COURSES

Check them out under the short courses section here https://www.galenmyotherapy.com/courses

The courses are aimed at owners, enthusiasts, and people who work with dogs who have no prior knowledge. They are 100% online so you can complete them wherever you feel most comfortable — and whenever it best fits into your schedule. The courses provide excellent professional advice and support and are a fantastic way to connect with your dog and support its health at home.

To enrol, go to the Galen Myotherapy website, scroll to short courses to see which you might like and enter the code M4A10 at the checkout.

These are Galen’s short courses at the time of writing:

  • Introduction to Canine Massage and Visual Assessment – the starting point to helping your dog
  • Movement of the Canine – understanding functional movement
  • Soft Tissue Injury and Repair: Maintaining your Dog’s Health – enhance your dog’s life
  • Canine First Aid Course – lifesaving skills

More information on the first one:

Introduction to Canine Massage and Visual Assessment

This specialist course is designed to help you to assess your dog’s physical appearance and give you the skills to support their long-term musculoskeletal health at home.

It will give you an introduction to canine anatomy so you can gain an understanding of what is under your dog’s skin as well as looking at common behaviours which can indicate muscular discomfort. 

If you are looking to learn how you can support your dog’s health and are interested in understanding how canine massage can help with practical application – this course is for you!

To find out more go to: Canine Massage and Visual Assessment course

#galenmyotherapy #caninewellness #dogs #doghealth #dogwellness

Introduction to Galen Myotherapy and Canine Massage

My Pet Nutritionist

My pet nutritionist logo

Pet Nutritionist’s Co-Founder Alison Daniel, has specialised in canine and feline nutrition for over 13 years, helping clients and their pets all over the globe.

Alison trained in Sydney, Australia with some of the very best, starting off with a degree in human applied science, leading into naturopathic nutrition and then specialising in functional medicine with a focus on new product development in the health sector for practitioners, and experts in the field.

Alison’s passion for natural sciences soon spilt over into pets after training as a small animal companion nutritionist and completing her studies in Australia in 2008. Keeping a foot in both camps of human and pet nutrition, Alison has honed her skills within the health sector, using her extensive experience in nutrigenomics and epigenetics, applying this knowledge to disease in canines, and having great success.

It’s the combination of working with healing foods, naturopathic principles and scientific research that formulates a winning combination for Alison’s clinical practice.


Alison has kindly offered CAM4animals supporters 10% off the first consultation if you use the code CAM410 at the checkout.

Alison Daniel Profile pic

Harbour Hounds Tick Necklace

Hedgerow Hounds tick Necklaces
Hedgerow Hounds Tick necklace

Harbour Hounds have kindly offered our supporters 10% off purchases of their new Tick Necklaces through their website. Use code CAMHH10.

Having a tick repellent that works around the clock is much less hassle – look no further than the EM Tick-off Necklaces from Harbour Hounds. Handmade in West Sussex, England, and nautically knotted with anti-tick ceramic beads, these cool dog necklaces not only look great but can help prevent ticks from attaching to your dog. 

They feature specialist anti-tick ceramic beads, which have been fermented with Effective Micro-organisms® (good bacteria) and baked at high temperatures to capture their DNA. Designed to be worn loosely around your dog’s neck, the necklace moves with and is activated by your dog’s movements and the ‘good’ bacteria improve your dog’s coat, skin microbiome, and natural immunity, which in turn repels ticks.

Worn in addition to, not instead of a collar, EM Tick-off Necklaces provide a 24-hour tick prevention solution that lasts for up to 10 to 12 months and requires only occasional cleaning with warm water (never detergent) in order to remove surface grime.

Although EM Tick-off Necklaces are an effective natural tick repellent, as with other tick repellents, there is no guarantee that a dog who wears one will remain entirely tick-free. Always check your dogs for ticks after walks (especially if in forests and areas of long grass) and as part of your grooming routine.

Read our blog about the Tick Necklace.

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