Special Offers

CAM4animals Special Offers

We are delighted that a number of our corporate supporters have made special offers to you. For each sale of a product or service, CAM4animals may also receive a donation. Another easy way to support us.

Photizo Vetcare Light Therapy Device

Photizo light therapy reduces inflammation and pain as well as accelerating wound healing.

Photizo UK – LED Light Therapy Devices have very generously given CAM4animals supporters a special offer of £25 off their Vetcare handset if you use CAM4animals25 as the discount code.

Find out more about Photizo in our blog ‘Photizo Red Light Therapy’.

We have a few blogs about Photizo.

Two are mentioned below:


Photizo Vetcare DogDog expert Anna Webb shows how Photizo Vetcare has been invaluable for treating arthritis & much more with her dogs.

Photizo Vetcare LaminitisCaroline Hearn MICHT, Dip. ICAT, ISCP.Dip.Canine.Raw.Nutrition –  Healing laminitis with Photizo Vetcare

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