Hansen, L., 2019. The Complete Book of Cat and Dog Health. Hubble & Hattie: an imprint of Veloce Publishing Ltd.

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If you’re reading this blog, you are probably at least considering feeding a raw food to your dog.  Most people who are interested in choosing a really healthy diet for their dog are also very keen do everything they can to make sure their dog is as healthy as possible for as long as possible.  Dr Isla Fishburn talks often about “ making health span equal to lifespan”, which is a really important idea for me.

I have met the author of the Complete Book of Dog and Cat Health, Lise Hansen, at the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society conferences.  She is a very straight forward and lovely person, so I was keen to read her new book as soon as possible.  It’s undoubtedly a valuable addition to any dog (and cat) owner’s library!  

There is so much information made available about diseases and illnesses in our pets, but much less about how to maintain their health. Lise had me hooked very early on with the statement

“Being healthy means so much more than simply not being ill”. 

It sums up a great frustration I experience as an RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse).  Surely every pet owner wants their pet to live the longest, happiest and healthiest life possible?  Lise’s book goes a long way to helping owners achieve that goal by drawing attention to many aspects of pet care that aren’t widely advertised.

There is a huge amount of information of benefit to every dog (and cat) owner, and very many vets would gain a great deal from reading this enjoyable and beautifully presented book.

Consideration of a healthy life

This looks at a healthy life. Highlights include advice about choosing a breeder (and then a puppy or kitten); vets’ health care plans;  the perils of plastic; how to choose a good vet; understanding the importance AND the risks of vaccines; why to test for parasites and only then treat (if they are in fact present).  The section on old age and death is especially brilliant, tackling issues rarely discussed so frankly and important for all pet owners to consider, preferably far in advance of needing to think about them urgently.

The advantages of a holistic approach

This explains the limitations of conventional medications and introduces the advantages of a holistic approach, before looking at a wide range of holistic treatment options available to pet owners.  Fascinating case studies with fabulous photos are included here.  All pet owners should be aware that these options are available, and be offered the opportunity to include them in their pet’s care, however, this is rarely the case.  If you have learned that they are available, it empowers you to make the best choices you can for your own, individual pet and the choice will be different for each pet and each guardian.

Diseases and their approach

This looks at diseases and specifically at various approaches to them.  Importantly, it makes very clear when veterinary treatment is essential.

In summary

I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to do their very best for their pet’s care, it’s really empowering to have so much knowledge to help make good decisions on behalf of our pets.  I learned a lot from it, and it’s an easy, enjoyable read.  And if you’re in two minds about changing to a raw diet, you’re not likely to be undecided after reading this book !

Morag Sutherland RVN DMS Cert SAN

Morag is a Registered Veterinary Nurse and a member of the Association of INTO Dogs. Morag has a special interest in nutrition for dogs and horses, particularly in how it affects their behaviour. She is the owner of Gelert Behaviour Training, offering advice for dogs and other pets, as well as regular workshops, talks and events in west Wales and other locations by invitation.

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