Ticks are the bane of dog-owners’ lives. These tiny, blood-sucking insects find their way on to your dog’s coat when they venture into an infested area. It is important to get rid of ticks as soon as you find them as they can carry debilitating and potentially lethal diseases, such as Lyme Disease and Babesiosis.

The simplest, most natural method of preventing ticks is to avoid areas where they are likely to be – woods and wherever long grass is found, such as fields and along riverbanks, possibly even your garden if you get a lot of wildlife. But even avoiding these areas is no guarantee against ticks. 

Chemical repellents

While there are any number of treatments to kill ticks once they have latched on, there are also remedies and methods that repel these parasites. Conventional tick treatments and repellents are generally chemically based substances applied to the dog’s coat, many of which are pesticides and insecticides. But there are also a growing number of natural tick repellents and tick preventatives, for those owners who prefer this kind of approach.

Natural tick repellents

Natural tick repellent methods include homemade recipes for sprays using ingredients such as essential oils, vinegar and lemon, dietary supplements, as well as shampoos and other coat treatments. But all of these natural anti-tick remedies need to be applied and reapplied on a regular basis.

Round the clock

Having a tick repellent that works around the clock is much less hassle – look no further than the EM Tick-off Necklaces from Harbour Hounds.

These handmade necklaces feature specialist anti-tick ceramic beads, which have been fermented with Effective Micro-organisms® and baked at high temperatures to capture their DNA. Designed to be worn loosely around your dog’s neck, the necklace moves with your dog’s movements and the ‘good’ bacteria improve your dog’s coat, skin microbiome and their natural immunity, which in turn repels ticks.

Worn in addition to, not instead of a collar, EM Tick-off Necklaces provide a 24-hour tick prevention solution that lasts for up to 10 to 12 months and requires only occasional cleaning with warm water (never detergent) in order to remove surface grime. 

Although EM Tick-off Necklaces are an effective natural tick repellent there is no guarantee that a dog who wears one will remain entirely tick-free. Always check your dogs for ticks after walks and as part of your grooming routine.

This EM Tick-off Necklace was designed especially for one of Harbour Hounds’ partners, Sea-Changers, a marine conservation charity

Special offer on tick necklaces

As part of their ongoing support, Harbour Hounds has very generously offered CAM4animals supporters 10% off their tick necklaces using the code CAMHH10. See here for details.

One of our supporters modelling the red version

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This was written by Sarah Engerran from Harbour Hounds which specialises in practical and nautically stylish products for dogs inspired by the fun and beauty of coastal living. Their EM TIck-off Necklaces come in six great colours and four standard sizes and can be purchased online here. Bespoke colour combinations and sizes can also be ordered.

CAM4animals is delighted to support new and innovative ideas which may help reduce the chemical load on our animals where this is a sensible option. We are therefore proud to be one of Harbour Hounds’ partners. 

More information about the technology can be found here.

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