Baited stretches for horses (also know as carrot stretches or apple stretches) use an incentive for the horse to stretch. If the horse’s core strength is not as it should be after rest or injury these are critically important, yet simple, exercises.

In the video Tony Nevin explains, through a series of examples, what he is looking for in baited stretches with a horse who has a few mobility issues.

See for yourself how the horse evades certain stretches and what the animal osteopath is looking for.

Animal Osteopath, Tony Nevin with one of his patients

Tony Nevin

Tony Nevin set up Zoo Ost Ltd in 1998. He says “I set up Zoo Ost Ltd following 10 years in practice. I was keen to bring both aspects of my work together under a single banner. A business providing treatment for both people and animals. ‘Zoo Ost’ is just that – Osteopathy for the wellbeing of all creatures. So far, Zoo Ost Ltd has been able to help not just people of all ages, and from all walks of life, but also animals and birds from around the world. I have been privileged in treating some of the worlds rare, and endangered species as part of conservation, and rehabilitation programmes.”

Tony Nevin has pioneered a lot of the animal work, run workshops and courses, including the clinical part of the first ever MSc in Animal Osteopathy in the UK and Europe.

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