Chi, the written-off dressage horse

I had a lovely warm blood mare who suffered from a rotated pedal bone (bone in the foot). An aunt sent me a very large cheque to help with the vet’s bills, but my conventional vet said that nothing could be done for her and that she was unrideable.

I claimed under my insurance and was awarded ‘loss of use’. As Chi was not in any pain and I was extremely fond of her, I agreed with the insurance company to reduce my claim by her ‘meat value’ so that I could keep her.

I hadn’t spent any of my aunt’s gift and on the recommendation of a friend I decided to give a homeopathic vet a ring. I knew nothing about homeopathy so I had no expectation of success. 

Over the next few months under the vet’s care, Chi gradually improved and regained both her zest for life and her soundness. The pedal bone had rotated back.

From that time on until her death nine years later, she was back in work. She taught a couple of people dressage, she learnt to jump, she went hunting and was very successful in showing classes.

All this from a horse written off under conventional veterinary medicine but returned to full competitive health by homeopathy. We never looked back and made other major changes in our life style – and got a lot of change from my aunt’s cheque!