Gremlin arrives

Gremlin was a tiny five-month old kitten when he descended unannounced into my London garden in 2011.

As this tiny kitten was squeezing his way through next-door’s trellis, Molly (my first Miniature Bull Terrier) was less than impressed.

Cutting a long story short, Gremlin and Molly became best friends in an odd couple way. Luckily Gremlin trusted Molly, which came in handy late one summer’s evening in 2014.  

Gremlin and Molly – the Odd Couple – best of friends

Gremlin gets a gash

Gremlin arrived home with a deep gash under his left leg. Living in Buckinghamshire at the time, there were no emergency vets nearby.

The wound was deep, about one inch wide and three inches long.  The bleeding had already stopped and pus was forming.

I began by using salt-water solution to clean it, and dosing Gremlin with basic homeopathic remedies that I always keep just in case: Arnica, Ledum, Hypericum and Hepar sulph.

I’d only just purchased my Photizo Vetcare and I was using it with miraculous results on Molly’s problem paws. Gremlin had been watching us, so he was familiar with the device and its beeping sounds. I’d read about Photizo’s wound healing ability, and the improvements on Molly’s paw pads in a short time were impressive, so I had no doubt the Vetcare worked.

In my panic with Gremlin, I was so relieved he relaxed and let me use the Vetcare on his gash. After four doses of its pre-programmed 30 – second dose of Red and NIR pulsed light, I could see that the wound was ‘shrinking’ and knitting together.  

Gremlin’s gash being healed

Dosing him every 30 minutes for two hours with homeopathy, along with some more Photizo, by morning the wound had halved in size – it wasn’t swollen and looked good. I drove Gremlin to my holistic vet, Richard Allport, that afternoon having been more than satisfied his gash was no longer a vet emergency. 

Combining the Vetcare with homeopathy as antibiotic and pain relief alternatives, he did not require any drugs in this instance.  Within a week the wound had almost totally healed, and Gremlin was very happy. 

Richard Allport pointed out how, without my immediate attention, Gremlin may well have had a general anaesthetic, stitches, antibiotics and pain relief at an emergency practice.

Abscess after a fight!

When we moved back to Hackney in 2017 Gremlin developed a football-sized abscess on his right hip. No doubt the result of a punch up with one of the many cats in our ‘hood’! Gremlin was the ‘newbie’ and not one to shy away from an altercation – this time he’d come off worst! 

The abscess on Gremlin’s hip on its way

This time he did have antibiotics, in addition to homeopathy, and I combined the Vetcare twice daily for a week on the open ‘drain’ point. By then the wound was barely noticeable.  

A mother of an emergency!

The morning in September 2018 when Gremlin arrived home with a hole in his neck was a ‘mother of an emergency’. Luckily I applied Leucillin and bandaged it before rushing him to my local vet practice. 

They were initially keen to perform surgery on his jugular vein. Instead, they kept him in for a day, cleaning and monitoring the small, but life-threatening wound, which began to heal quickly naturally.  

By evening he was home, in cheerful spirits to begin his homeopathy and Photizo vetcare treatments.

He had an antibiotic on that occasion too, but no pain relief, for me preferring to use natural resources where possible.

I kept Gremlin ‘grounded’ for 10 days in which time the wound healed so well it was really only just perceptible because it was bald.

You’d hardly know there’d been a deep wound

Prevention better than cure

Most recently, as Gremlin is nine years old now, I’ve been using the Vetcare to help prevent any signs of arthritis and stiffness as part of my holistic integrated approach, combining it with a raw diet with supplements including Green Lipped Mussel.

Gremlin with Molly and Mr Binks

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More information about the health care that Molly, Prudence and Mr Binks have had are to be found in Anna’s book, Manage Canine Arthritis Naturally. This covers a multidisciplinary approach involving a raw diet, supplements, acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, a careful exercise and rest regime, and of course, Photizo. Wound treatment is also highlighted. Not just for dogs, she also includes her cat Gremlin. The ethos behind the book is that every animal is an individual and should be treated as such.

Gremlin with Mr Binks and Molly

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