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“So this is a testimonial about bringing my two Yorkshire terriers to Brigit Ahlemeyer for treatment. My name is Glen Cameron. I live in a village called West Hoathley near East Grinstead. I have two Yorkshire terriers both approximately 7 years old (they both are the same age because they are litter brothers).

About six months ago, Henry suddenly became very ill. We took him up to a local vet in East Grinstead and he was diagnosed through blood tests and analysis (eventually, after about a week in hospital and thousands of pounds) with third stage kidney disease and the prognosis was that he might only have a few weeks to live and, at best, we could hope for a couple of, maybe at absolute best three, years depending on how things panned out from there 

They treated him initially almost like intensive care with drugs and with blood pressure medication and various things to stabilise him. Then, long-term, he was put on medication as well and I had to take him initially once every week then once every two weeks, then once a month for about four months for blood tests and urine analysis. As well as the few thousand pounds we had to spend upfront, we also had to pay for all of the laboratory tests, vet visits and pharmaceutical medication etc.

I started doing a lot of research. I am a Chartered Financial Analyst and I’ve got quite a few post graduate qualifications as well as a few University Degrees so I am very used to researching and studying. I got online. Henry and Frankie are like our children (we don’t have children) and I spent many nights, sleepless nights, researching kidney disease in dogs.

Eventually, after a couple of weeks, I was very conversant in the whole thing and I started speaking to the vet and, at the same time, I started looking at alternative therapies and came across Birgit. If you look at the biography on Birgit’s website you can see she is a traditionally qualified normal vet and she is also a holistic vet. She practices both Modern Western Acupuncture, Chinese Acupuncture, Homeopathy and also Herbal Medicine and alternative therapies of all kinds.

When you go into her home treatment area (which is very homely and very different environment from a normal vet – much more loving and warming) you can just see looking at her bookshelves how well thumbed some of the books on whatever are.  This lady has over thirty years of experience. Go and read her biography on her website. I don’t think you are going to find somebody more qualified.

Anyway working with Birgit about a month after he was diagnosed, doing Acupuncture, herbal injections, the Homeopathy etc. it was like chalk and cheese. Where the other vets were simply at a loss and were doing tests, looking at levels of important indicators of kidney function both in the blood and the urine, protein levels, in particular, potassium levels etc. As I mentioned the prognosis was not very good. Diagnosed as stage three kidney disease. Once a kidney is damaged like that the vet said there is no return from that, you’ve just got to try and stem further damage and prolong his life.

Working with Birgit and continuing with the normal veterinary laboratory tests at the conventional vet,  eventually, he was re-diagnosed with early-stage one kidney disease. Which meant he can probably live a normal life span. All of his energy returned. He had lost weight (the guy initially weighed about 7.5kg and at the worst point weighed about 5). Imagine losing a third of your weight if you are your ideal weight to start with! Now he weighs about 8kg so is a little overweight at the moment and we never thought we’d say that again. He is bouncing around.

When we do the laboratory tests most importantly the science says something has gone on and the normal vets can’t explain it at all.

Although this testimonial may be anecdotal and people might say it is unscientific because so many things were done so you can’t say what did what etc. the fact of the matter is that that’s the whole idea of holistic medical treatment. It is holistic. If you try and break it into its components and then test each component on its own scientifically you are not going to get that holistic effect so it is nonsensical to say that just because you can’t do that it is worthless.

I’m quite sure in my own mind that if we had only gone the traditional/normal/scientific veterinary route we wouldn’t have got to where we are today. I am so grateful. I couldn’t be more grateful to Birgit and I just think that if your dog has got cancer, kidney disease, liver problems, um essentially anything really I would seriously consider taking your dog to Birgit. A lot of what we are advised to do in terms of vaccination, in terms of the way we feed our dogs, the diet we feed the dogs, the medication that is used and everything actually [may] give rise to these long term problems like cancer and liver disease and kidney disease and whatever.

People might say that is an opinion and that is fine, everybody is entitled to their opinion but also I can tell you when the love of your life is dying and somebody like Birgit comes along and does what no one else can do for you then experience trumps opinion. I don’t care, I’d rather be happy and have a healthy, beautiful, dog that I consider one of my children than be right. I think that’s the truth that everyone needs to make. Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right?

I can’t say enough good things about Birgit and if anybody ever wants to look me up on Facebook, my name is Glenn Cameron and I live in West Hoagley at the moment and I’m more than happy to speak to anyone and give my full support, speak about my experience.

I wish all of those who listen to this good luck with your loved ones and I hope you take some of what I have said to heart for your beloved ones.”

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Dr Birgit Ahlemeyer – Holistic Referral Vet MRCVS
Dr Birgit Ahlemeyer

Birgit qualified as a veterinary surgeon in Germany in 1988 and after working for a year as a conventional vet she worked with Peter Andresen who was the President of the International Association of Veterinary Homeopathy. She learned to treat dogs, cats, horses and small animals homoeopathically and her PhD looked at fertility problems in horses.

Birgit moved to England in 1994 and continued to use homeopathy in small animal practices where she was working. After moving to Sussex, she became a referral vet, working with many local veterinary surgeries.

She is passionate about treating animals with the most appropriate therapy or combination of therapies in order to improve their health and quality of life. Birgit’s website

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