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Who better to write the definitive guide to Pet Bereavement Counselling than Dawn Murray? I discovered Dawn through my work at CAM4animals when she wrote us a wonderful blog about living with pet bereavement for our website which people have found very comforting.

Helping with pet bereavement

Due to demand from fellow counsellors, veterinary staff, psychologists and pet carers, Dawn has shared her wide experience, knowledge and understanding of pet bereavement in this very comprehensive book about pet bereavement counselling. The book covers a broad range of topics related to pet loss that pet bereavement counsellors may encounter in the course of their work.

Dawn writes with compassion, integrity and understanding, all from the heart. As a dog owner I wouldn’t hesitate to go to her for counselling if I felt I needed to. Her experience is second to none and is further strengthened by a lifetime in the company of dogs (and the odd cat) and by having been a pet undertaker.


Dawn has over two decades of experience in pet bereavement counselling in addition to her time as a pet undertaker and has consequently come across, pretty much everything connected with end of life care, grief and bereavement. She has utilised all this experience to create a comprehensive insight into what it takes to become a successful pet bereavement counsellor.

Is it for you?

If you’re considering this as a career, you will certainly know if the profession is for you by the time you finish the book. It will also provide an invaluable and inspirational reference book if you chose this path.

The end should be good too

Every stage of our pet’s life should be the best we can possibly make it, up to and including their death. If we share our life with an animal, this is something we inevitably have to face and it’s better to be as prepared as we can in order to support both ourselves and our pets.

As the owner of an elderly dog, I found the book enlightening and uplifting, despite being a difficult read in places. I discovered more about the practical processes involved and what to look for in terms of the necessary services. I also got some ideas to make the time more positive before, during and after my dog’s passing.

It’s good to recognise that how you are feeling is normal and that the bad times can be eased.


Dawn has won a number of awards and accolades over the years including a Points of Light Award in 2021, a Highly Commended Animal Star Award (Animal Hero) in 2022 and the British Citizen Award (BCA) for services to healthcare in June 2023. The latter was in recognition of her positive impact on society for her campaign to highlight the help available for bereaved pet owners and the free counselling service she has provided for over 20 years.

The book itself has some great reviews including this from author, Damien Lewis:

As a born animal lover and an author who’s written widely about animals at war, and the way in which their very presence serves to comfort soldiers in extremis, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. The loss of a much loved pet – or military working dog – can be devastating. Dawn’s book does much to help those in need.
Damien Lewis, number one bestselling author

CAM4animals Bookclub

Genuine warmth and empathy shine throughout the book along with some unexpected humour as well as heartbreak. Full of common sense and direction, I would thoroughly recommend it as a must read for existing or potential pet bereavement counsellors. Definitely one to add to our bookclub list!!

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