My first pet

Cavapoo Ralph is my first pet. In fact, he’s my first responsibility for a life other than my own.

Owing to my inexperience of owning an animal, Ralph’s severe food sensitivities, bouts of sickness and diarrhoea and some circumstances beyond our control, we didn’t get off to the easiest of starts.

As a pup, Ralph ate little and he suffered from regular bouts of colitis with a gurgling tummy. This was usually in the early hours when he desperately needed to eat grass and many times I had to walk him round my neighbourhood at 3am! Having fed him quality dry food, I was recommended Honey’s Real Dog Food when Ralph was 12 weeks old and, with their helpful and supportive advice, Ralph was started on a raw diet.

Ralph’s colitis remained unsettled however and a year later Honey’s founder, Jonathan Self, recommended trying a local holistic vet, Sue Armstrong, and we never looked back.

Ralph was put on an elimination diet and treated with homeopathy, and his colitis came under control. He had a thrush infection in his throat, which was treated with homeopathy, and also salmonella and campylobacter infections that were treated with antibiotics conventionally.

Ralph had cruciate ligament issues as well. Rather than taking the traditional surgical route, these were treated conservatively with homeopathy, chiropractic and blood platelet therapy (to stimulate natural healing).

Five years later I’m so grateful we were given the advice to see a holistic vet and use homeopathy.

I’ve always been naturally minded and although I had zero knowledge of homeopathy I was willing to try. Ralph has had his fair share of medical challenges and without an integrated approach to his care I believe he would have had to take many drugs with all their potential side effects.

Thanks to complementary and alternative medicine, Ralph now leads a relatively healthy life.

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