Jenny Seagrove, with Andrew Prentice, talking about why she supports CAM4Animals

Jenny Seagrove was at the CAM4Animals march in 2018 with Andrew Prentice, her vet


Jenny: “Andrew, my wonderful vet, who has treated my dogs with both conventionally and with homeopathy with great success and we’re here to support homeopathy and freedom of choice.

I just want to tell you one story. I run Maine Chance Horse Sanctuary, in Surrey.

One of our horses got a sarcoid very close to his eye. It was quite a big aggressive sarcoid and we called in our regular vet.

He sucked his teeth a lot and said he’s probably going to “have to have his eye out”. We went “what?” and he said it was “too close [to the eye] to put any treatment on it so he’ll have to have the eye out”.

So I went “Oh that’s a bit extreme”. Then he said “we could get him over to the veterinary college for a few courses of chemotherapy” and our horse doesn’t travel so that wasn’t an option. I said ” do you know what, I’m going to try some homeopathy”.

We got Tim Couzens up from the Holistic Veterinary Centre in Brighton and two months later the sarcoid has dropped off. So he’s still got his eye, my JJ, and no need for anything invasive.

We’ve had that with my dogs sometimes haven’t we? [asking Andrew] Treated them with conventional medicine and also homeopathy. It’s about the balance.”

Andrew: “It is about getting the balance and it is about clinical freedom as well. The vets who use homeopathy are not fools, they are not delusional. They do see changes, they do see results and there are no side effects. We’ve not had any complaints. Neither the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons nor DEFRA have had any complaints suggesting there are any animal welfare issues with the use of homeopathy. So let’s keep going.”

Interviewer “Yes let’s keep going and make sure our animals have Veterinary supervision because I think that is really important.

Andrew: “yes that is really important because if vets are stopped from using homeopathy people won’t stop using it, they’ll have to go to non-qualified sources

Jenny: “and then it becomes dangerous”.

Scene from the march
A scene from the March4animals 16th April 2018 when nearly 200 supporters (vets, nurses, farmers, therapists, suppliers and pet owners) joined the March4animals. All wanting the freedom to choose CAM and Homeopathy as first-line treatment for animals.
Photo courtesy of Jamie Smith

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The veterinary Surgeon’s Act 1966 restricts the treatment of animals (usually other than your own*) by anyone other than a qualified vet. Always consult a veterinary surgeon if you are concerned about your animal’s health. *For full details visit the RCVS website