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Hannah Jones MMCP

With any number of equine bodywork techniques available to train in, why would someone choose The Masterson Method? We asked Hannah Jones to explain what she loves about this technique.

The Masterson Method brings a whole new approach to equine bodywork. The techniques are done WITH the horse, instead of TO the horse. The individual techniques themselves produce incredible releases but there’s something even more special about this method. The session creates a beautiful healing space, where the horse feels safe to truly relax and release. The method is all about the horse releasing tension and restriction in a relaxed state, allowing all layers and systems of the body to let go.

The main systems of the body reached are the skeletal, muscular, nervous systems and the fascia. The reason such relaxation is achieved is because the whole body is involved in the releasing process, including the emotions. This is why positive changes are seen both physically and emotionally after sessions.

The method alleviates soreness, strain and tension, helping to realign the body and bring it back into a state of equilibrium. The goal of the method is to improve mobility and increase flexibility in areas of restriction. Essentially, the method brings attention to areas of soreness to help the body release the accumulated tension. A non-invasive approach is taken and the method works with the horse’s fight and flight responses. You may hear practitioners saying that they’re working ‘under the radar’ of the horse’s brace responses when tension and restriction is found.

Hannah takes a moment to connect with her patient.

The benefits of sessions includes improving muscle condition, increasing range of movement, releasing endorphins, relaxing the body and enhancing performance. Although, it’s so much more! Clients tell me they’ve never seen their horse relax, a Masterson session is an amazing way of helping your horse to relax and open up. The first session releases the surface layer of tension. To really see the true benefits of the method, a series of sessions is always needed, just like us when we attend bodywork sessions ourselves – it’s never a one session fix. Even though client’s report incredible progress after just one session, this is only the beginning of what can be achieved.

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Hannah Jones

Hannah works holistically with horses, taking into account all factors from feet to feed. She is a Reiki Master & Teacher, Holistic Therapist, Masterson Method Certified Practitioner and qualified remedial saddle fitter and Deuber and Partner saddle distribution. She assists her clients in reaching an understanding and connection with their horse to heal and rehabilitate by investigating the root cause behind behavioural problems. She uses groundwork and ridden techniques to ensure rider and horse are working as one using biomechanical principles based on historical dressage.

Hannah follows the ethos that the only opinion which matters is that of the horse

You can find out more about Hannah via her website

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